Crossroads Ministries was birthed by God in the hearts of Ray “Pappy” and Anna Backlund in 1993.

The following is a portion of an interview given by the late Pappy and surviving Mrs. Anna about our church history:

What led you to start this church?
– “I was involved with bikers at the local prison. You see, the bikers identified themselves as a nation within a nation. I knew this wasn’t right, and I wanted them to identify themselves with Christ. The Lord began to deal with me about starting a church for bikers and I thought, “Not me, I can’t do it.” But He pressed me again and again. So I sat down at my kitchen table and wrote God a letter. He spoke to me clear as day and said, “I HAVE THE PROVISION FOR THE VISION.” I said, “Okay, I’ll do it.” I started inviting them to the old American Legion Building. I told them there was no dress code – they could come as they were – but that I did have three shelves: one for helmets, one for weapons and one for attitudes!”

Mrs. Anna – “We’ve always stuck together. I’ve always believed this church belonged to the Lord: we really had nothing to do with it.”

Crossroads Ministries’ first service was in July 1993.  God continued to grow and bless the vision he had placed in Ray and Anna.  In April 1995, Crossroads Ministries accepted John Sauls as its first pastor.  Since 1995, God has continued to bless and unfold new chapters for Crossroads.  Under the leadership of Pastor John and Mardie Sauls, God has blessed Crossroads Ministries as a “mixed multitude” of people.  With the purchase of twenty-eight and a half acres of land, a new building in 2002 and the addition of more staff, Crossroads has positioned itself to continue that vision which God birthed in the hearts of Pappy and Anna Backlund.

Today Crossroads continues to make a difference in people’s lives through Jesus. While methods may have changed, the message and it’s truth have remained, and will continue to remain untouched. God continues to bless what we put our hand to. Today more people are getting saved, more people are serving others and more people are building relationships with Jesus and His church. We still have the same motto as we did in the beginning, “…compel them to come in, that my  house may be filled” (Luke 14:23).

Get Started

Whether you’ve been coming for a while or are just starting, we’re glad you’re here! You don’t need to dress, look or act a certain way. Come as you are!  Check out our service times as well as the links below to find out more. Let us know if we can help in any way! We’re here to serve.

Our service times are Thursday nights at 7 pm & Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.