Serve at Crossroads

There are many places and capacities in which to serve at Crossroads. Some are once a month, some every week, others are once or twice anually and everywhere in between. You’ll find that whatever your schedule, there’s somewhere you can be fullfilled in serving at Crossroads! If you are interested in serving, please fill out the form below.

If you haven’t already, visit our Next Steps page to find out what you need to do before you start serving.


Worship Arts

The Worship Arts teams play one of the biggest roles in setting the tone for our worship and celebration services. They consist of band, choir, front line vocalists, sound, video and lighting; Musical AND non-musical opportunities! Together they create an atmosphere where people are led to genuinely worship God. They rehearse on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm.


First Impressions Team

The First Impressions teams play the biggest role in the welcoming and friendly atmosphere we take pride in at Crossroads. They are the “first impression”. These teams are broken down to smaller parts. They consist of greeters at the doors, guides to help first time guests feel at home and find their way around, ushers to seat people, our welcome and resource center staff as well as our parking lot attendants we call “roadies”. Our First Impressions teams have very open and friendly personalities and love to serve others.


Clean Team

Each of our 4 Clean Teams at Crossroads serve once a month on Wednesday nights to make sure our facilities stay clean and ready for our services and events. Because of our Clean Team volunteers serving once a month, the church saves thousands of dollars per year. They have a great time serving and make lasting friendships!


Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Cafe is located in our main lobby where you can experience a great atmosphere and fellowship with others. We proudly serve My Brother’s Cup Coffee products. Our proceeds go to our children’s ministry and fund missions in Asia.


Bread of Life

The Bread of Life Ministry teams with other churches in the area to help feed and clothe the needy of Sanford. Our Crossroads team serves once per quarter with a meeting prior.  They also host our “bumper crop” during the year to help stock the food pantry. The serving location is in downtown Sanford.



Our volunteers greet parents and help children into the classroom. Our nursery volunteers provide a nurturing and safe environment for babies and toddlers and help them understand at a young age how much Jesus loves them.

For the older preschool age children, our volunteers apply the weekly Bible lesson into their lives and use fun and interactive curriculum to help them understand it.


Children’s Ministry (Elementary Kindergarten-3rd grade)

Our Children’s Ministry volunteers apply the weekly Bible lesson into the lives of kids in their group. They use fun and interactive curriculum to help kids understand the Bible lesson.

To volunteer in Children’s Ministry a background check, references, and training are required.


Ignite (4th-6th grade)

In fun and exciting ways, our Ignite class focuses on Biblical principles and values. Research shows this is the age (4th-6th grade) where Christian values and principles are most likely to stick and shape the rest of their lives. Ignite addresses how students can apply these Biblical values to their lives now.

Ignite meets on Sunday mornings.

To volunteer in Ignite a back ground check and references are required.


CSM (Middle School/High School)

We love students where they are. Our volunteers welcome students to class, and through engaging lessons, practical teaching and meaningful relationships encourage students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Volunteers chaperone selected events.

Middle/High School students meet on Wednesday nights.

To volunteer in (CSM) a background check, references and training are required.


Prayer Team (Weekend Services)

Prayer is vital to the health of our church leaders and guests. We have two teams that pray as a part of our weekend service.
The first team prays together for the service itself (before the service begins). The second team prays with individuals after the service that would like prayer.

Prayer Team members must:
* Possess the gift of prayer
* Be available to pray with individuals on the weekend after services.
* Be comfortable approaching people that are emotionally upset and in need of comfort.
* Commit to intentionally pray for prayer requests.
* Receive training


Prayer Team (Email Volunteer)

Prayer is vital to the health of our church leaders and guests. Our email prayer team receives a weekly email with any needs that have been sent to the church office the week prior.

You must:
* Possess the gift of prayer.
* Commit to intentionally praying for prayer requests received by email.


Special Events Volunteer

Throughout the year, Crossroads hosts several special events from our annual Family Fun Day in the Spring, Vacation Bible School in the summer or our Harvest Celebration in the Fall (and lots more!)

There are lots of opportunities to serve short term throughout the year at one of our special events!