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Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our Kids Ministry 

Birth-23 months
Our nursery has been designed to be a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment where God’s love is shared. We teach your children that God cares for them. We believe it’s possible to share the love of Christ with each child from the day they are born. We want every baby and toddler to hear and associate “Jesus” and “God” with an environment that is caring and safe.

2-5 years
Our preschool is filled with activities that will teach your children that God created them and loves them. Each weekend starts with an activity to get them moving. Next, preschoolers take part in a large group time that includes a Bible story and worship time. They finish back in thier own class with an activity to enhance the lesson they learned, snack and playtime. Each aspect of what they take part in is full of creativity and relevance for the kids to remember.

Kindergarten-3rd Grade
Kids are greeted at their individual classrooms by their leaders. Activities that introduce the theme of the day are in place to welcome them and encourage relationship building. Next, kids participate in a large group environment with meaningful times of praise and worship and the presentation of a Bible story using creative teaching to solidify the day’s point.  They finish back in their own class with an activity to enhance the lesson they learned, snack and playtime.
Each of our activities are relevant and child-targeted with safety at the forefront of our minds. We always aim to cultivate a fun and creative environment, since that’s how kids learn best.

4th-5th Grade
In fun and exciting ways, our Ignite class focuses on Biblical principles and values. Research shows this is the age (4th-5th grade) where Christian values and principles are most likely to stick and shape the rest of their lives. Ignite addresses how students can apply these Biblical values to their lives now.
Kids will be challenged to go deep in God’s Word and to develop lasting, meaningful relationships.
For more information regarding our Kids Ministry please contact Kayla Jackson - Children's Director

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